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Human Konchok Norbou’s
Meditation for Mindful Awareness. 

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Discover Tranquility Through Meditation for Mindful Awareness.

We invite you to experience Human Konchok Norbou’s Meditation for Mindful Awareness. 

This mindful meditation will challenge your mind to understand your bad and good ego that is disturbing your consciousness. Once the ego is tamed and understood, in meditation, your mind will come home!

We don’t do music, mantras or poses. This is real meditation that trains your brain and unlocks the art of living with compassion; the art of coming home to yourself.

Class Details

Meditation for yoga


Sundays 11 am- 12 pm 

Wednesdays 8.30pm - 9.30pm



Dhyana Yoga & Pilates Studio
Suite 2602, Anantara Business Tower
Business Bay, Dubai 



AED 80+vat per class 
AED 500 +vat for 10 class bundle
Limite of 12 students in each class.


How to Book

Got a question? Email us

  • What should I bring to the class?
    Wear comfortable clothing, we provide a yoga mat and cushion but you can also bring a chair.
  • What should I expect in the class?
    We will start with a short introduction then proceed with the session. The meditation is made of two 30-minute parts designed to help you understand and see the mind while it is working, distracting and creating mental formations. Rather than relaxation, the meditation session is focused on helping you understand and recognize how your mind works - for most people this may be challenging and revealing, but this is precisely the work that need to be done during these classes. After the meditation there will be an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.
  • Who is Human?
    Hi, I’m Human! I have over 15 years of dedicated meditation practice and undergone a profound journey. I have lived with and learned from yogis, Lamas and the truly highest recognized meditation masters of Tibet and dedicated 3 years solely for meditation practice in serious retreats in various countries over the world under the guidance of a meditation master. I aim to bring a wealth of wisdom and insights from the transformative depths of mindfulness. During our classes, I hope to provide you with invaluable insights into the essence of inner peace and emotional healing. I can also run classes in German and Persian (Farsi). Being curious about helping all beings and discovering different methodologies, my skill set is complemented by different techniques. Being a certified Hypnotherapist, Communication and Consulting Coach and Wingwave Coach, I've dedicated my life to helping others overcome their struggles Through mindfulness and meditation, I found relief from panic attacks and embraced inner peace. Now, I combine these transformative practices with hypnosis and Wingwave techniques to empower you and reclaim your life.
  • Who is this class for?
    For everyone who is seeking. For all spiritual and non spiritual people. Those who feel content, discontent or searching for something more. This is a class for naturally open-minded people to experience true mindful awareness.
  • Where are the classes?
    My regular weekly classes are held at the beautiful Dhyana Yoga and Pilates Studio, in Anantara Business Tower in Business Bay. I also operate my coaching practice in the same space. There is parking available in the building, as well as change-rooms and toilets. We operate in conjunction with the Dhyana Yoga and Pilates Studio so when you book your sessions, it will be with the team from there. .
  • What is Mindful awareness?
    This guided meditation helps you understand and recognize how your mind works. Results won’t be felt instantaneously, but over several sessions you will be able to understand what your mind does, if your ego or any other disturbing formations stops you from seeing and being mindfully present. You will be able to recognize your challenges and overcome them with mindfulness and awareness. Meditation doesn't mean only to sit in a posture and breathe. It also means train your brain, train your mind to change habits that are distracting you. Your mind will come to your heart which is where it was meant to be. It is my wish that you’ll come away being more aware of the moment not just during meditation, but through implementing the results of the practice into your daily life.
  • Is there anything I need to do to prepare?
    There is no physical preparation needed but do some with an open mind and open heart. We are beginner friendly too!
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