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About me


Welcome to

"Human Whiteboard: Mind and Life Mastery."


Understanding your struggles

I understand the challenges of burnout and panic attacks firsthand, as I've experienced them myself.

Empowerment through Meditation

With over 10 years of dedicated meditation practice and a profound journey living under the guidance of a Meditation master, I bring a wealth of wisdom and insights from the transformative depths of mindfulness. During this transformative period, I have received multiple initiations and empowerments from the highest Buddhist Gurus of meditation and yoga masters, gaining invaluable insights into the essence of inner peace and emotional healing.


I maintain a direct and straightforward approach. I don't engage in unnecessary or meaningless conversations. My goal is to provide you with actionable insights and guidance that lead to tangible results.

Guiding Your Journey

As a certified Meditation Coach, Hypnostherapist, and Wingwave Coach, I've dedicated my journey to helping others overcome their struggles. Through mindfulness and meditation, I found relief from panic attacks and embraced inner peace. Now, I combine these transformative practices with hypnosis and Wingwave techniques to empower you and reclaim your life.

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