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Coaching Agreement - Information about Coaching Please read this information and
Confirm your acknowledgment by signing below.


The coach does not intend to replace the work of a psychotherapist, doctor, or alternative practitioner. Therefore, any ongoing treatment should not be discontinued, postponed, or avoided, nor should any future treatment be foregone. A coach does not override medical orders under any circumstances. The responsibility lies entirely with me.


The coaching/short-term therapy is understood as performance-enhancing mental training. It is not a diagnostic procedure, medical therapy, or any form of healing practice. It does not treat illnesses or disease symptoms. No promises of healing have been made to me, so no false hopes have been raised.


It is my free responsibility and decision to continue or discontinue the coaching, as well as to give consent or rejection to the application procedures.


By signing below, I confirm that I have not taken any medication, drugs, or the like, and that I do not suffer from epilepsy or schizophrenia. I have also not consumed any alcohol.


I have not been pregnant as of today or have informed the coach before the start of coaching.


All coaching procedures have been discussed with me beforehand. I take full responsibility for the coaching sessions during the entire period and confirm this with my signature.


I have been informed about what to expect during the coaching sessions.


In accordance with the EU GDPR, I give my permission to XY to use my personal data for internal purposes. I also give my consent for contact.

(For minors, the legal guardian signature)

Image by Christin Hume

Coaching Agreement

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